Dragonflies in 2019 in the Netherlands

2019 was a very special year for Anax ephippiger. They were found in various places in 2018, particularly along the coast. Not only in large numbers to the Netherlands, but have also reproduced en masse. Thousands of larval skins have been found. Leucorrhinia caudalis has settled in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park after a long period […]

Larval skins of Vagrant emperor (Anax epipphiger)

A lot has been published in recent weeks about the Vagrant emperor (Anax epipphiger). Reproduction of the species is new to the Netherlands. Today I photographed the Anax larval skins, which I collected in the Millingerwaard on 27-8. All this together with the Blue emperor (Anax imperator) shows the difference in the prementum.

A lot of fresh Vagrant emperor (Anax ephippiger)

Emerging Vagrant emperor (Anax ephippiger) in the NL The Vagrant emperor (Anax ephippiger) is a relative newcomer and was first seen in the Netherlands in 1995. In recent years they reproduce more often in southern Europe in summer and since then they have appeared in the Netherlands. Anax ephippiger were seen in almost all of […]