Nehalennia speciosa (Charpentier, 1840)
Dwergjuffer Pygmy Damselfly L: 20 - 25 mm
Relevant Dutch literature (Eng. summary)

Dwergjuffer vrouw

Adult (female), Nature reserve "Broduszurki", Bachorzec by Dubiecko, South-eastern Poland, July 2, 2006



Habitat: Sedge bogs. A vulnerable habitat because of euthrophication and drainage. Usually wet depressions of bogs or shallow borders of acidic, nutient poor lakes.

Distribution: Extinct.

Flight season: In The Netherlands the Pygmy Damselfly has only seen in the end of June. In Europe from mid May to mid September.

Status: Extinct in The Netherlands. Has probably always been rare. The only two records are from 1899 and 1912.